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In today’s paper mention was made of an Oklahoma politician named Brent Rinehart who had mailed out a “comic book” so crudely drawn and bigoted that well, you just have to experience it for yourself.

This piece of literature is so breathtakingly badly drawn that I was left to conclude that it was done by a sixth-grader, perhaps because all the seventh-grade artists were at sleepaway camp.

Then there’s the political “wisdom” contained therein: “Brent voted to remove homosexual references in the county handbook but it was voted down by the good ol’ boys.” He’s also concerned about “pedaphiles, polygamists and homosexuals who practice anal sodomy.”  Apparently, non-anal sodomy is OK. Or, maybe anal sodomy is OK as long as the participants are straight.

I don’t know…the phrase, “tobacco-chewing moron” keeps coming to mind.

So I come home from work, sensing that something is about to go wrong with my body. Nothing definite, no real symptoms, but something ain’t right. As I settle down to watch Keith Olbermann get all snarky, I start shivering. It’s 90 degrees outside and 78 inside, but I’m shaking and sweating. My lower back feels like I’ve been kidney punched. Food is not appealing. This must be serious. I pop some Tylenol, stay up a while longer, but finally give up and go to bed. The Admiral asks me if I got a flu shot this year. She knows the answer. Her look is a silent rebuke. Read the rest of this entry »

thereby turning a visually stunning location into a city of contradictions.

I visited SLC recently. One thing I’ll say, the citizens are incredibly friendly and helpful. And obedient with a capital “O.” Let me quickly say that one of my best friends is a Saint. I admire his faith and determination. I envy him. But I’m convinced I have more fun. Read the rest of this entry »

and we still haven’t settled the issue. Well, in actuality most of us have, but the ironically-named “Intelligent Design” movement persists in pressing the issue.

I don’t think I’m the only one intrigued by the fact that at this point in history there are those who cannot understand empiricism sufficiently to see the difference between evolution and ID. I’m also nervous when people who like to talk in terms of “eternity” cannot wrap their heads around evolutionary changes happening over periods of millions of years.

I guess if you need to invoke God’s almighty hand as directing “intelligent design,” go ahead. She won’t mind.

News Item: “I’m an illiterate who has to rely on his wife for any assistance he can get,” says John McCain.

So the guy who could fly sophisticated fighter planes never got around to learning basic computing skills?

What else hasn’t he learned, other than the difference between Sunnis and Shias, which sort of makes his inability to use a mouse or set up a Facebook page pale in comparison?

Thank goodness. Maybe the new owners will do away with the swill A-B calls “beer” and brew something decent.