I’ve been struck by the number of Hillary Clinton supporters who are balking at voting for Obama. Some are refusing to vote for him and others promise to vote for McCain, to prove some point that escapes me at the moment.

Their attitudes typically come down to the belief that Clinton should be the nominee and that somehow she/they were robbed, as if Hillary was anointed by God or Simon Cowell.  Of course, they weren’t robbed; they were out-maneuvered and out-voted. It didn’t help that she brings baggage to the table and has alienated any number of people over the years. She’s not been one of my favorites in the Democratic party, but I respect her toughness and intelligence, qualities I’m not seeing in some of her supporters.

She has shown far more class than those whiners who think they are making a point by refusing to support the candidate of the party that they had pledged to support just a few months ago.  Here’s a hint, whiners…it’s not about you. It’s about your party and the values that both candidates espouse. While they have their differences, Obama and Clinton are far more alike than say, Obama and McCain.

So, pout if you must but remember that one of the hallmarks of maturity, including political maturity, is the ability to put aside disappointment and make the best of the situation. Hillary has done so. If you admire her so much, follow her lead.