sarah-palin-1The cat is out of the bag and the MILF is on the campaign trail.

OK, that was extra snarky and immature. On the other hand, google “Sarah Palin” and “MILF” and prepare to be amused. 15K hits. No joke.

I spent the evening watching the Republicans snarl about the attention paid to Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. Ironically, they were keeping the issue in the forefront far more than anyone else.  The pregnancy (and of course we wish her and her baby well) does represent a 100% failure rate of the abstinence policy that Palin advocates. More irony. I’m sure that won’t stop Palin from endorsing abstinence education for other people’s kids.

What is disturbing, however, is that Palin was chosen not for what she has done, which is mildy impressive, but for what she represents, which is impressive only to the Far Out Right. Perhaps the Republicans believe that a Veep candidate with two X chromosomes will attract those desperate Hillary supporters.

Let’s see…she favors the teaching of creationism and intelligent design, abstinence education, and letting parents opt out of textbooks they find offensive (which means that some kids will end up with no viable education, but we will always need unskilled laborers).

She’s not pro-choice, which comes as no surprise. She believes that global warming is not man-made, which just leaves God’s twisted sense of humor as an explanation. She’s against stem-cell research. In other words, as a 21st century woman she’s going to appeal primarily to a pretty narrow constituency, say the Amish.

Her selection also appears to represent the kind of poor judgment McCain accuses Obama of exhibiting. As more information about her administration emerges he may find himself more than a little embarrassed that he picked someone with no foreign policy experience and almost no foreign travel, although she has been to Ireland. For that matter, as head of the Alaska National Guard she has deterred Russia from launching an invasion across the Bering Straits. I suppose that’s good enough.