Sources tell us that Sarah Palin’s addition to the McCain ticket has energized the Ancient Mariner’s campaign beyond all expectations.

A spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the campaign has shown a new firmness and that when Palin enters the room campaign workers stand as if at attention. “The room practically throbs with anticipation and excitement,” he said. Campaign workers who had earlier seemed bored and yawned at the prospect of another disappointing evening with McCain now eagerly lick their lips in anticipation of a hard-driving speech. “It used to be that after all the build up, by the end of the day things would just fall flat. We’d all smile and say we understand, it happens to everyone, but frankly everyone was frustrated and a little embarrassed. Now they thrust themselves eagerly at the tasks at hand,” the spokesman said. “The guys tell us that their resolve is stiffened whenever Palin speaks and the gals say they’re ready for McCain’s push for the big finish. They tell us they’re not going to choke, no matter how hard the job.”

Some campaign supporters are less impressed, but said they are willing to at least lend a hand. “Different strokes. We expect a long, hard campaign, but we know that with the right rythm, we can come together at the end,” the spokesman said, as he took a long drag from his cigarette and gazed at the ceiling while he slowly exhaled.