As little as I respect Sarah Palin’s record, governance, and general philosophy (“I’m ready because I said so!”), I am frankly very troubled about the fact that someone hacked into her personal Yahoo email account.

Like everyone else, I’d love to read her emails…does she LOL alot?  Use smileys? Sign her emails with “XOXO Your BFF”? But email should be as sacrosanct as postal mail, whether it originates from a .gov account, Yahoo, or any other service. There is a correct (i.e., legal) way to gain access to someone’s email, and that’s what should be used. It is easy to conclude that she deserves to have her account hacked, since she was using it to conceal some gubernatorial activities. Still, we all have the same expectation of privacy. If it can happen to her, it can happen to you or me.

Having said that, I am also troubled by the fact that Palin seems to have established a Bushian approach to management, trying to circumvent the usual routes of communication in order to maintain secrecy. Not privacy, secrecy.  The difference? Secrecy is usually associated with illicit or questionable activities. Privacy is reserved for more acceptable purposes. Secrecy is for affairs; privacy is for marriage.

In any case, why should we expect that a Palin-the-vice president will not resemble a Palin-the-governor? If she is convinced of the wisdom of her approach to government as the governor of Alaska there’s no reason to believe she won’t carry those same values and tactics to the federal level.

Now, if we can just find out what chat rooms she and the First Dude frequented…