Sarah Palin Action FigureExceeding all expectations, which she could have done by merely arriving at the right venue, Sarah Palin’s performance Thursday night was notable primarily for its lack of depth.  It reminded me of students who pulled a last minute overnighter for an essay test and managed to learn some key words but not the concepts themselves. Their hope is that by stringing together enough phrases and conjunctions they will at least give the appearance of knowing something. When you insist on answering the questions you want rather than the questions you’re asked, you’re admitting that your knowledge is limited and you can’t think on your feet.  I half expected her to pull up her sleeve and look at crib notes.

Palin, who appeared to be channeling Frances McDormand’s character Marge Gunderson in “Fargo,” tried hard to play the folksy anti-heroine, but it came off as contrived and even a bit forced. There was certainly nothing presidential about her. Talking faster is not the same as talking smarter.

Putting Palin in anything other than a ceremonial role in a McCain-Palin administration would be a disaster. It has become evident that the campaign has been keeping Palin in the dark (not as hard as it sounds.)  She didn’t know that they had dropped out of Michigan until Friday. Clearly, no one thought to tell her or even discuss it with her. If your own campaign doesn’t respect your opinion enough to consult with you about strategy, you’re just not a player.

We can expect more carefully managed, superficial, cliche-filled performances from the Governor. Isn’t that why they picked her?   Yah, you betcha.