It was bound to happen. Emboldened by her mediocre debate performance, the Governor decided to go after the Obama campaign. Like all statesmen and intellectuals, she headed straight for Starbucks to study for her next appearance and promptly misquoted the incomparable Madeleine Albright, who is approximately 13.7 times more experienced and knowledgeable than Palin. Ironically, the audience booed the mention of Albright. One wonders who is more dim: Palin or those who mistake her for an intellectual.

According to Palin, Albright said, “There’s a place in Hell reserved for women who don’t support other women.” In fact, Albright said, “There’s a place in Hell reserved for women who don’t help other women.” Aparently Palin believes that having two X chromosomes obligates women to support her campaign. In fact, it obligates women to carefully consider their vote. Sarah, wake up. It’s 2008. Gender is not destiny.

On at least three occasions on Sunday Palin berated Obama for “palling around with with terrorists who would target their own country.”  Now she’s trying to whip up mindless opposition to Obama, never mind the facts.  “Terrorist” is the buzzword of the decade, the rallying cry for those who would pass draconian laws invading privacy without warrants or accountability. Whatever we do in the name of fighting terrorism, such as going to war in Iraq, is not just appropriate, it’s our duty. Those who question this are just helping the evil-doers.

What we’re seeing is the descent of a once-respectable campaign into foolish, mind-numbing sloganeering that plays on the basest fears and biases of the electorate. It’s a sign of desperation. When you don’t have a viable platform, you try to refocus on your opponent’s supposed mistakes. In the debate, Palin said she would answer the questions she wanted, not necessarily the ones that were asked. This new strategy, long a favorite of the Far Out Right, is very much the same thing: “We’re not going to address the issues you’re  concerned about, we’re going to create the issues we want.”

Oh, and the answer to today’s question? Pit Bulls have smaller litters.