mary-kayJust when you think you’ve witnessed the last possible foolishness from McCain-Palin, along comes Lipstick Gate.

What are we to make of a campaign that, with a straight face mind you, declares itself the party of “Joe Sixpack” while snatching up $150,000 worth of clothes and almost $23,000 worth of makeup consultation? Why would a former beauty contestant even need makeup consultation?

One gets the impression that having been hastily selected as the VP candidate Palin couldn’t resist jumping on the gravy train that passes for the Republican campaign. We shouldn’t be surprised. She has years of experience milking her mayoral and gubernatorial jobs for personal gain, such as taking her children along on junkets at Alaskan taxpayers’ expense. According to the AP: “In all, the state paid for 64 one-way and 12 round-trip commercial flights for her daughters Bristol, 17, Willow, 14, and 7-year-old Piper. In some cases, Palin also charged the state for the girls’ hotel rooms. Palin did not file travel expenses for her oldest son, Track, or her infant son, Trig, who was born this past spring. Most of the commercial flights ferried the daughters between the state capital in Juneau and Anchorage, which is 600 miles away and about 40 miles from the Palin home in Wasilla, travel records show.”

Sort of contradicts the “Country First” slogan. Perhaps it should be “Palin First.”