The Barackalypse is upon us.

71c1e6eea7_042806limbaughNot unexpectedly, Rush sounds off to energize the Far Right base, this time proclaiming his hope that President Obama fails. Despite Al Franken’s assertion that Rush is a big fat idiot, he’s more showman than pundit. He loves to make outrageous statements and then invite those more liberal than he, approximately 98% of the country, to engage in a rhetorical pissing contest. It’s easier than actually thinking. Just ask Ann Coulter.

But to those on the right, the past week has been simultaneously depressing and energizing, a bipolar mix of news:

  • Gitmo is to be closed within a year. 
  • Obama repealed the “Mexico City Policy,” which was reinstated in 2001 by Bush. The policy prohibited U.S. money from funding
    international family planning groups that promote abortion or provide
    information, counseling or referrals about abortion services. It also banned any organization that receives family planning funds from the U.S. Agency
    for International Development from offering abortions or abortion
    counseling.  According to some, if you educate people about abortion, everyone will want one. 
  • The President ordered that interrogators adhere to the Army field manual, essentially outlawing torture. Imagine that, the country that believes it always holds the moral high ground is outlawing torture.

To the Right, this means that the barbarians will be at the gate next Tuesday, sooner if there’s a tailwind.

And Limbaugh, with that stogie hanging out of his mouth, looks like Lassie squeezing out a big doot.