no_musicWell, it’s not here yet, but keep your fingers crossed and your ears plugged for just a little longer.

Per the 2/10/09 WSJ: “Muzak, the company that provides the soundtrack for our elevator rides and grocery-shopping trips, sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
Tuesday. The 75-year-old Fort Mill, S.C., company is seeking to restructure a heavy debt load that includes about $370 million in bond debt and a term loan of $105 million. … the company’s soft-rock, pop and instrumental sounds reach 100 million people each day, according to its Web site.”

Imagine, a company that gets paid to create noise pollution that affects a third of the American public each day.

I was shopping recently when I heard Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” in bland, syrupy Muzak format. It was sad. Sort of like Rod Stewart’s decline into singing old love songs.