GOPThe train wreck that is the GOP reminds me of a bunch of middle schoolers who can’t agree on who will be Best Friends Forever this week.

Michael Steele seems totally unprepared for his position at the right hand of God, AKA Rush Limbaugh.  Steele’s missteps and reed-in-the-wind leadership style has left a vacuum that only Limbaugh seems interested in filling, although with false modesty he resists that interpretation. Given the size of the vacuum and Limbaugh’s girth, he may be the only one able to do so. Unfortunately for the GOP, which had it’s ass handed to it in the 2008 elections, Limbaugh is as polarizing as Bush, only louder and more obnoxious.

So the Bush legacy lives on and evidently the GOP learned nothing about the corrosive effects of  this approach to the electorate. During times of stress and outright fear many voters are willing to forgo ideology for practical solutions. Whether the Obama administration’s policies will provide the relief and solutions we need remains to be seen, although voter approval of Obama is extraordinary.

So as we anxiously await the economy’s recovery, we can at least be entertained by the GOP’s infighting, sniping, and pouting. And the voters who voted for Republican senators and members of congress can wonder just what kind of leadership they’re getting.

It has always amused me that Limbaugh is variously described as an “entertainer,” “commentator,” and of course, “comedian.” If he’s what the GOP wants as its defacto leader, then they will have to content themselves with the fallout in the 2010 elections. And the rest of us will keep moving forward without a backward glance.