Sand gravity is a peculiar physical phenomenon in which otherwise healthy individuals experience an overpowering urge to lie relatively motionless on a beach  under colorful umbrellas, summoning beach boys for a refill please, and thank you very much.


In 24 hours we will be leaving for St. Martin/Sint Maarten, better known as SXM, for our long awaited vacation. Never been there, but from all indications it’s one of the best Caribbean islands with something for everyone: snorkeling, sailing, beaching, eating, snoozing, duty-free shopping, and of course, drinking. We plan to do some of all of these things and more of some of them. Time will tell. Other than a sailing cruise on Wednesday we are completely unscheduled.

Looking over the contents of my suitcase, it’s clear that I’m taking more “stuff” than clothes: camera equipment, MP3, netbook, snorkel gear, a book to read…  The rule of thumb for travel to the Caribbean is to pack, remove half of the clothes, and double the amount of money you plan to take. I suppose that’s math I can live with.

Right now it’s raining and gloomy here, which makes the prospect of a week basking on the beach in the trade winds even more delicious.