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Jerri Nielsen FitzGeraldDr. Jerri Nielsen FitzGerald who while stationed in Antarctica discovered that she had breast cancer, died Tuesday at age 57, finally succumbing to the cancer she developed in 1999. You may recall that she was the only  medical officer at a South Pole research station, unable to get treatment for months until the Antarctic weather cleared for her to be taken for treatment. She performed her biopsy and essentially treated herself for eight months using emailed instructions, makeshift equipment and supplies dropped by plane. After her return to the states she underwent treatment and her cancer went into remission until 2005.

There’s little to say other than you have to admire her unequaled courage and resilience a woman facing the terrifying prospect of dying on the other side of the world, away from family and friends, watching her life ebb away.

We should be so brave and we should be so grateful that we have her example to emulate.